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jans-client-api is a middleware service which can be used by web application developers to facilitate user authentication and authorization with an external OAuth 2.0 identity provider. It includes the server which is a simple REST application designed to work over the web (via https), making it possible for many apps across many servers to leverage a central jans-client-api service for OAuth 2.0 security.

Packaging and running the application


  1. Verify file route of next parameters in clientApi_ConfigurationEntryDN field:jansConfDyn configuration json:

Source Packaging

You can build the jans-client-api server using Maven. The code is available in Github.

Create a folder to clone ${PATH_REPOSITORY}, and clone inside.

git clone
cd jans-client-api
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dcompile.jans.base={JANS_AUTH_SERVER_CONFIG_PATH, example: /etc/jans}

After the built is finished jans-client-api-server.war is generated in ${PATH_REPOSITORY}/jans-client-api/server/target/.

Jetty 11 Deploy

Download jetty 11 zip, here a link:

Create a folder to unzip Jetty ${PATH_FOLDER_JETTY}, and unzip Jetty inside.

export JETTY_HOME=${PATH_FOLDER_JETTY}/jetty-home-11.0.9
mkdir jetty-base
export JETTY_BASE=${PATH_FOLDER_JETTY}/jetty-base/
cd jetty-base
java -jar $JETTY_HOME/start.jar --add-module=server,deploy,annotations,webapp,servlet,resources,http,http-forwarded,threadpool,jsp,websocket,logging/slf4j,logging-jetty
cp ${PATH_REPOSITORY}/jans-client-api/server/target/jans-client-api-server.war $JETTY_BASE/webapps/
java -jar  $JETTY_HOME/start.jar jetty.http.port=9999

After jans-client-api server is started, status can be checked using health-check url: http://localhost:9999/jans-client-api-server/health-check.

Compile and running tests

Compile with tests

mvn clean install -Djans.base=/etc/jans

Djans.base is the conf path of the local running jans-auth-server

Running tests

mvn test -Djans.base=/etc/jans

Djans.base is the conf path of the local running jans-auth-server

Running tests with external jans-client-api

mvn test -Dtest.client.api.url=http://localhost:9999/jans-client-api-server/

Dtest.client.api.url is the url of a running jans-client-api-server

Api Description

jans-client-api offers an easy API for OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and UMA 2.0.

HTTP request Method Description
/health-check GET Quick check whether jans-client-api-server is alive.
/register-site POST Register client with jans-client-api-server.
/get-client-token POST Gets Client Token.
/introspect-access-token POST Introspect Access Token.
/update-site POST Updates client. If something changes in a pre-registered client, you can use this API to update your client in the OP.
/remove-site POST Removes site from jans-client-api-server.
/get-authorization-url POST Gets Authorization Url.
/get-tokens-by-code POST Get tokens by code.
/get-user-info POST Get User Info.
/get-access-token-by-refresh-token POST Get Access Token By Refresh Token.
/uma-rs-protect POST UMA RS Protect Resources.
/uma-rs-modify POST This end-point can be used to modify one resource at a time from whole set of UMA resources of cient.
/uma-rs-check-access POST UMA RS Check Access.
/introspect-rpt POST Introspect RPT.
/uma-rp-get-rpt POST UMA RP Get RPT.
/uma-rp-get-claims-gathering-url POST UMA RP Get Claims Gathering URL.
/get-jwks POST Get JSON Web Key Set.
/get-issuer POST Get Issuer.
/get-discovery POST Get OP Discovery Configuration.
/get-rp-jwks GET Get Rp JWKS.
/get-request-object-uri POST Get Request Object Uri.
/get-request-object/{request_object_id} GET Get Request Object.

jans-client-api has defined swagger specification here. It is possible to generated native library in your favorite language by Swagger Code Generator.